As well as all of our installations being tested to the Irish electrical standards we also provide other testing services
  • Periodic Inspections
  • PAT testing


Periodic Inspections

As part of a periodic electrical inspection, we will perform a thorough safety check on all electrical installations throughout your workplace in this order:

  • A visual inspection will be carried out.
  • A more detailed investigation using ETCI (Electro-Technical Council of Ireland) approved electrical installation test equipment.
  • A detailed inspection report highlighting any issues found and actions to rectify these issues.

A periodic inspection ensures a safe workplace for all employees and is a vital part of the Health & Safety program for any business. In fact, the ‘Safety, Health And Welfare At Work’ Statutory Regulation 89(b) of SI 299 2007 as amended by SI 732 2007 states that all employers are obliged to hold a valid Periodic Inspection Report.

PAT Testing

Regular PAT testing is required for various electrical appliances including kettles, fans, computers, powers tools and more. This will make certain that the equipment is safe to use for a period of time. The time you should leave between PAT tests is dependent upon the appliance itself and the environment in which it is being used.

Employers and employees are now legally obliged to take reasonable steps to ensure that all electrical equipment is safe to use. As experts in PAT testing throughout the greater Dublin area, we can help you meet your legal requirements in this regard.

It is up to the employer to ensure that work equipment is appropriate for the purpose for which it is provided, only used in the place and under the provisions for which it is provided. Employers also need to ensure that work equipment is well maintained and kept fit for purpose. This means that regular, routine and planned maintenance must be be place.

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